Your vehicle’s emission systems are put into place to reduce the number of toxic fumes released into the atmosphere. Reducing emissions is vital for maintaining a healthier environment and cleaner air for you to breathe. Emissions tests must be performed on any vehicle registered under the DMV. There is nothing more frustrating than suddenly finding yourself in a position where you cannot legally drive on public roadways. Luckily, the most common reasons for failing an emissions test are relatively simple and affordable fixes. If you fail an emissions test, you should have your vehicle taken to a local auto repair shop so you can get back on the road in no time! Here are the top three reasons your vehicle may have failed an emissions test.

The first common reason for a failed emissions test is a faulty gas cap. The gas cap is one component of a vehicle’s Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) System. What this does is prevent gas vapors from exiting your vehicle and entering the atmosphere. If your vehicle is letting off excessive amounts of gas vapor, then you are sure to fail the emissions test. Fortunately, to fix this, it is as simple as replacing your gas cap. There are other components to the EVAP System, but a bad gas cap should be the first thing to inspect after a failed test.

Another reason your vehicle may have failed an emissions test is due to a dysfunctional O2 sensor. The O2 sensor detects the amount of oxygen being released in your exhaust, thus optimizing the vehicle’s fuel-to-air ratio. If your O2 sensor is not functioning properly, it could cause several issues leading to a failed emissions test.

As mentioned above, you need to ensure is that your vehicle is not running a rich fuel mixture. Essentially, what this means is that your vehicle’s fuel to air ratio is not optimized. Your vehicle may be burning more fuel which, again, releases more hazardous fumes into the environment. This could also cause your vehicle to get poor gas mileage which is another good reason to have this checked out. The O2 sensor is not the only cause of this issue. It is important to have your vehicle inspected by a certified auto repair shop to track down any potential causes for a test failure.

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