Helmet lights play an important role in ensuring that you are seen by others on the road, especially in low light and at night. These motorcycle helmet lights not only see you but also provide additional light, increasing your overall visibility and safety.

What are the different types of helmets?

  1. Full face helmets

The full face helmet covers the bikers both the head and face. It provides maximum coverage around your head and neck. Therefore, it is considered to be the safest form of protection to protect you from bad injuries. It protects the chin and jaw from the impact in case of an accident.

  1. Half-face helmets

As the name suggests, it only covers the head, forehead and ears. These head covers are light, making them relaxed, especially during short trips.

  1. Modular helmets

Modular helmets offer the best of both full face and open face helmets. They are also referred to as flip-up helmets.

They are designed to provide the same protection as full face helmets. It is heavier due to the presence of a hinge to facilitate the function of the chin guard. Generally, these are more expensive than open face helmets but can be more expensive than some of the full face helmets.

While modular helmets are popular in India, they are mostly used by bikers, tourists and long-distance trekkers.

Although they provide high visibility, they are not ideal helmets due to the reduction of safety protection.

They are lighter, less expensive, and don’t require much space to store. They are also easy to wear. However, they are not as good as a full-face helmet, because they do not protect the rider’s head properly.

  1. Half-shell helmets

Half-face helmets only cover the head and expose the ears, neck, chin and jaw, putting riders at risk of serious injuries. Although they provide high visibility, they are not ideal helmets due to the reduction of safety protection.

  1. Off-road helmets

Off-road helmets are also referred to as motocross helmets. Taking a motorcycle off-road requires physical fitness, and off-road helmets are lighter and created for coziness and freshening so the biker breathes easier.  These helmets are about the same work with a high sun and a long guard.

  1. Double play helmets

Dual-sport helmets are typically designed as off-road helmets or dirt bike helmets but have been redesigned for low-speed road use. They are perfect for off-road trips.

These helmets can work when going on a long trip due to their improved ventilation and face shield or visor. The visor or screen can be folded down when not in use. The chin guard of these helmets is permanently attached to the helmet, unlike many helmets out there. They have solar panels unlike the exterior models.

In conclusion

To sum it up, these motorcycle helmets are dual purpose. Wear a helmet every time you ride a two-wheeler, for protection from serious injuries. The above article has illustrated some of the various types of helmets. For instance we have the double play helmets, off-road helmets and even the flip up helmets.