For the person who takes up the ride as a daily commuter, using a helmet is a necessary need as like any other part or accessory of the motorcycle. You can ride your bike without a helmet but you can’t ensure your safety without the helmet on a ride. A perfect helmet can save you from extreme conditions mostly in an effective manner. The manufacturers are providing the best 200 cc bikes with the right helmet to create awareness. You should buy a helmet with the utmost care and also should focus on the important factors. Here are some important factors that have to be considered while choosing your helmet.

Know the shape and size of your head

Everyone is different with their body structure and personality and you should be aware of that. Round oval, long oval and intermediate oval are the three main categories. To make sure about your head structure you can do it yourself or you can refer with your friend. Certainly, it is not the perfect helmet to wear while riding, if the helmet is putting pressure on wrong points when wearing it. It is always better to try and determine where the helmet is putting pressure over your head. A perfect fit helmet will prevent large movements and will tug your face skin and scalp while removing it.


Helmets which stay in the worst conditions on your head are considered to be the one which would protect you in need and the rest are just weights on your head. Do check this by fastening the strap of your helmet and pull it off from the back and view whether it rolls out of your head or not. The rolling out helmet can be adjusted by using the straps but if the helmet is still rolling after adjustment then it is not the perfect helmet for your ride. Check the retention before purchasing a helmet, since that is the basic problem of half-faced and in some of the modular helmets. 200 cc bikes with the right helmet are the best pair for a long drive.


It is a crucial aspect of the helmet which must be considered while buying a perfect helmet. A visor plays an important role as it provides you with a clear vision so it should be clear. The mercury tinted visors put a hindrance in providing a clear vision so it has to be avoided but mostly the people get attracted towards it. For an additional budget one can prefer anti-scratch and anti-fog visors which would be a wise decision to invest in.

Proper cushioning

The inner cushioning of your helmet plays a crucial role as it is able to protect your skull from damage in case of any fatal conditions or crash. Before purchasing you have to ensure that the helmet is having proper cushioning in a significant manner which can absorb the force. The inner surface of the helmet should not be flat because it resists the kind of protection that the helmets are meant to be.

The above-mentioned details are some tips to consider while purchasing a helmet, make use of it to choose the best helmet that suits you.