Expect Major Differences Between These Two Options

You love your vehicle. Car tinted windows will make you love it even more. If you’re ready to improve the look and functionality of your auto glass, you have two choices: attempt a DIY installation of window tint, or take your car to a professional.

Here’s why professional installation is the right choice, no matter what.

Your At-Home Kit Might Not Be Legal in Your State

If you buy your own at-home tinting kit, you should be aware that the results might not be legal in your state. If your tint ends up being too dark, you could be ticketed and you have to remove the window tint you spent so many hours carefully applying yourself.

A window tinting professional will know the legal limits for tint darkness, and will never sell or apply window tints that do not adhere to the law.

Your At-Home Kit Might Impede Your Vision with Imperfections

Unless you have all the right tools, the patience, the perfect shop conditions, and a hand for craft, in all likelihood your window tint will not be applied smoothly. Any bubbles or ripples in the tint, or random fingerprints may obscure your vision and make it harder to drive.

When your window tint isn’t applied perfectly, you might have added built-in distractions or new blind spots to your vehicle that you didn’t have before. The results can be downright dangerous. Window tint installation is not as easy as it seems.

Your At-Home Kit Doesn’t Have a Warranty

While you might “save money” tinting your windows yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll just end up having to do it again and again. Why? DIY kits don’t come with a warranty on the product or the work.

Professionally installed window tints, depending on the grade of tint you choose, come with, at the very least, a one-year warranty. Higher-end tints come with a lifetime warranty, both on the product and the installation. When you don’t DIY, you free up a lot of time you can put to better use.

You Will Never Get Perfect Installation with an At-Home Kit

Shops that specialize in applying window tints to cars have a dust-free environment and methods of cleaning auto glass thoroughly before ever applying a tint. The likelihood of you having access to the same is next to zero. Therefore, your DIY application will never be perfect, no matter how confident you are in your skills.

First, you have to cut the film to exactly the right size. Professional tools make this easy and lower the risk of you scratching your windows or ending up with film much too small or large for your car windows.

Second, dust and dirt can ruin your entire installation. One speck is all it takes to throw off the entire thing. Trapped dirt cause bubbles and wrinkles and can even compromise the functionality of your window tint – negating all the reasons you wanted it installed in the first place.

And third, DIY kits only give you one chance to get it right. If something goes wrong, you have to painstakingly remove the film you’ve applied, buy a new kit, and try it all over again. How many times are you willing to waste money on DIY kits before you realize it’s cheaper, faster, and better to let a professional do what they do best?

Make an Appointment for Tinting

If you concede you shouldn’t attempt DIY window tinting, it’s time to search for a professional installer in your area. To begin, simply search “car window tinting” and the name of your city, for example, “car window tinting in San Diego”. Carefully read reviews of every installer or shop before making your choice – and then enjoy your newly tinted windows!