The Odyssey sliding door is one of the most widely used models on the market today. However, only one of many is being placed in cars for more excellent safety, comfort, and innovation for customers by the brands.

Thanks to these innovations, nowadays, the autobodyparts have been changing, so it is possible to find different doors, tires, seats, and many other elements that make up the cars we all know.

Built-in and sliding doors

As for the autobodyparts that have caused the most commotion in recent years, we have the doors, as many brands opt for a sliding door, while others opt for a recessed entrance.

However, each one of them is characterized by certain elements that make it more beneficial for certain types of people, so in the market, you can find different options that fit what you are looking for


Concerning this type of door, we can point out that built-in doors characterize optimizing a wall’s space so that they do not over go out of it. In the case of being used in the home, it is essential to reform for its installation.

It is important to note that the correct way to refer to them is “embedded sliding doors,” related to doors that must slide sideways to open. However, they are not the same as sliding doors.

On the other hand, sliding doors require a rail to slide and complement electronic elements that automatically perform their function.

The difference in recessed and sliding doors

Although both seem to be two quite similar types of doors, they have some characteristics that differentiate them from each other and know if they acquire a car with any of these doors.

The first difference that we can highlight between these two types of doors is the installation of the same, both in the car and at home. If they are autobodyparts, it is more frequent than the sliding ones used.

The second difference that we can highlight between these types of doors is that the recessed one does not guarantee a safe closing, as well as it does not provide thermal or acoustic insulation for the space in which it places.

Thirdly, sliding doors are ideal for joining and separating two spaces while saving space. They also bring elegance to the area, making them the first choice for many people.

Finally, we can say that the sliding doors, unlike the built-in ones, provide greater security when in the car, mainly if children are transported in the car because they are not so easy to open.

For this and many more reasons, sliding doors are the most demanded autobodyparts in the market, although they can easily find built-in entries. The choice of each one will vary according to the tastes of each one.

Cars with innovative doors

Many brands have currently chosen to place sliding doors on their models, especially minivans that are designed for large families or to transport a more significant number of passengers.

However, these types of doors are not the first to have succeeded in capturing car buyers’ attention. Among other eye-catching features are the gull wings, which open upwards, just as their name indicates.

They have been used primarily for sports car models. They are synonymous with luxury and provide more space inside the car for more passengers and can operate automatically or manually.

Other types of doors that have been quite relevant autobodyparts are the suicide doors, the scissor doors, and the swan doors. In the first case, they are doors that open from front to back and used a lot at the beginning of the 20th century.

On the other hand, the scissor doors open vertically, with hinges on the edges, just like a pair of scissors. Finally, the swan doors characterize by their traditional opening but slightly raised to avoid brushing the floor.

The Honda Odyssey and its sliding doors

Specifically, we can highlight the Odyssey sliding doors model as the leading promoter of sliding doors. It is a car model that belongs to the Honda brand and has earned the users’ recognition thanks to its operation.

It is a car whose doors are electric, where users will have control to operate them, and the board of the same vehicle will also find options for such operation.

These odyssey sliding doors are automatic doors that move horizontally in one lane, making it a more comfortable way to get in and out of the car. On the other hand, it is a more spacious model than others of the brand and at quite affordable costs.

As for this model’s autobodyparts, in addition to the odyssey sliding doors, this model includes technological advances that allow the autopilot to stay in the lane, a recognition system for traffic signals, and more.

Without a doubt, this is one of the Honda models with the most features and advances that, despite not being on the market, is highly expected by users to enjoy the features mentioned above.

Are sliding doors a good alternative?

Knowing what mentions above and the existence of built-in doors, we can emphasize that sliding doors are an excellent alternative for both space and safety as far as cars are concerned.

Likewise, they are doors that in cars can be found with manual or automatic operation for greater comfort, being characterized by the long life they guarantee in any model of car.