Buying a first or second hand forklift is always a good sign that business is growing. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your old location and need new models to handle the load? Perhaps you’ve taken on new operators and need the equipment to keep them on the go? Or, perhaps you’re moving far more stock than in the previous financial year?

When buying a used forklift for sale Melbourne, it’s important to determine whether the model is up to your operational needs. This can easily be done by asking a few simple questions about its features and operational history.

This way, you can be sure that you will be getting the very best model in the business, one that is sure to help your business expand and help your operators get the job done with the highest efficiency.

When purchasing a second-hand forklift in Melbourne, be sure to ask yourself the following Qs:

  1. What is its operational history?

No two model’s operational history is the same, and this is why: two rigs may have done the same work hours but they may have done them in completely different conditions.

For example, two models may have both had around a year’s worth of operational hours, but one may have been used in a cushy, non-trying environment, carrying around smaller loads than its counterpart, which could have been working hard yakka out in the rain!

It’s best not to only look at the hours the rig worked, but also what kind of work it did in said hours. Whilst a forklift with a similar operational history to your needs may be compatible, this may mean it was more susceptible to wear – this is why a thorough look into its operational history is essential.

  1. Has it been well-maintained?

It really doesn’t matter if it’s second hand: it should be in fine working order when you pick it up, or else you have likely been stooged by a dodgy dealer. You should always look for a model that has a planned maintenance schedule, as well as keep an eye out for any major repairs that could prove a liability in the future…

  1. Are there quality attachments available for it?

It is difficult to find a used model that you can custom order with different features, and for this reason it’s important to be sure that a: the rig has the attachments necessary for your operational application, and b: you can take the model to a certified service centre and have the necessary attachments installed.

  1. Has the rig experienced severe damage?

Any accident can dramatically reduce a forklift’s lifespan, and this is why it’s imperative to do a little snooping to find out if that has ever happened. You don’t want to purchase a used model only to find out it copped a huge knock a few months earlier and had to undergo major repairs – this will come as a shock to you in the present and likely in the future.

  1. Can you take it for a little test run?

Your possible seller shouldn’t attempt to stop you from taking it for a test run – this will look a little (seriously) suss if they do! They should allow you to take it for a test and run a few reference lifts to be sure that regardless of its operational and service history it is working at a high capacity.

  1. Is my vendor reputable?

You don’t want to buy a model from a dodgy bloke in a seedy factory – you want to be sure that they are a reputable dealer with plenty of positive reviews from happy clients – this is always a good sign that they are running a quality business with tip top engines!