There are countless improvements a person can make to their vehicle. Although it might not be at the top of every list, putting in a performance cold air intake to replace a stock intake will make a difference. Whether or not it’s a positive change is the part not all drivers are sure about.

MbenzGram (MBGRAM), a website offering racing and performance parts from numerous brands, is a big believer in the benefits of a performance cold air intake. While there are some negatives worth looking at, it’s up to each individual to decide for themselves.

Why Stock Air Filters Don’t Always Cut It

Changes have been made to the air filter over the years in traditional vehicles. Before the 1980s, manufacturers used a round paper air filter that proved inefficient. Their replacement was a flat filter that provided a better way to funnel air to fuel-injected engines. While much better than previous options, they’re not performance-based.

Engines still get enough air to operate fine, but they don’t provide an extra boost of power like many drivers would like. That’s why aftermarket solutions exist, as inefficient stock air filters make a noticeable difference with other upgrades on a vehicle.

How Do Cold Air Intakes Work?

Cold air intakes like those from MbenzGram (MBGRAM) add performance to a vehicle because they provide a colder and denser type of air. It might not seem like a huge difference, but allowing less turbulent air that also has additional oxygen can make a difference.

The factory air filter not only lacks some of the efficiency, but it can start to get choked up as time goes on. A much more rigid pipe works better than an air filter made of paper or foam.

Performance Cold Air Intake Benefits

What will sell the average person on going with a performance cold air intake? These main benefits sway a lot of people to upgrade.

Increased Horsepower

Car owners wanting increased horsepower will notice a performance cold air intake will make a difference. The average option will add anywhere between 5 to 20 hp to a vehicle.

Improved Acceleration and Throttle Response

There’s a bit of a boost with cold air intake with throttle response. A quicker throttle response, coupled with better acceleration, means drivers will have the ability to stay safer when stuck in traffic.

Increased Gas Mileage

There won’t be that much of a difference in gas mileage, but these intakes help with the air-fuel ratio in a vehicle. With gas prices soaring, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger selling point. Even a little bit of savings adds up over the months.


All performance cold air intakes are stronger and made of tougher materials than stock options. Expect them to last longer under normal conditions. This can help offset some of the initial cost of making the upgrade.

Are There Any Negatives to Performance Cold Air Intakes?

The only major negatives with performance cold air intakes are very similar to other upgrades to a car. Yes, making an upgrade is going to cost more money than going with the stock option. It’s an enhanced solution, which will always carry a higher price tag.

With it being a more complex solution, it is a little more time-consuming to install. Some will be able to install it themselves, while most will go to a professional team to get everything set up correctly.

One final thing to note is that code air filters will be louder. It creates a unique sound with the air rushing into the intake. It’s listed under negatives just because different people will react to sounds in different ways. Many drivers will find this to be a better sound overall, but it’s still worth mentioning.

How Much Does a Cold Air Intake Cost?

A standard air filter on a vehicle is typically going to cost under $100. On the low end, they can be as cheap as $50. Generally speaking, a cold air intake costs about triple the amount. The most a person might spend on a performance air filter would typically be around $300-$400.

Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal?

There are some limitations on cold air intakes in the United States. Some states are stricter than others, but one key part is to look for the executive order number. If the product has an EO number, it’s legal.

Cold air intakes have limitations because they’ve been linked to speeding, and some violate emission standards. Strict states like California, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania tend to have more restrictions than others. Those wanting to stay compliant should research each performance part and see if it is the smartest decision for them.

Is A Cold Air Intake Worth the Upgrade?

Performance-minded drivers will find that making the upgrade is a smart decision overall. It doesn’t cost that much more than the stock option, and installation is easy to take care of relative to other upgrades. Once everything is squared away, it should last a long time.

All the benefits start to pay for themselves through time. Shopping for the best prices also makes a difference, as there are a lot of ripoff websites with overpriced solutions. MbenzGram (MBGRAM) provides thousands of solutions that are amongst the best in the industry. Ready to shop for upgrades?

The company prides itself on customer satisfaction, and review websites back up that reputation. Visit to browse their entire catalog.