Whether you are restoring a classic car, or you are attempting a new build, you are one of many people who participate in one of America’s favorite hobbies. Some people restore and build cars for profit, while others do so to add to their current car collection. This article is intended to help educate people new to this hobby on what the four most important things are to consider in a car restoration project or new build.

Invest in the Best Aluminum Car Radiator

A car radiator is who prevents the engine from overheating and is a critical component to any new car build or restoration project. First of all, aluminum is lighter than brass or other radiator types, so you can expect to get more speed from a car with the best aluminum radiator. In addition, aluminum car radiators cool faster, making them more productive than brass. Finally, the best aluminum car radiators can fit into tight spots for autos that are undergoing specialized, custom builds, making the aluminum car radiator the top choice for hotrod builders.

Use a Dual Exhaust System

Why go the singular route when you can upgrade to a dual exhaust system? A high-quality dual exhaust system can give you more than 30 horsepower, compared to the slower 15 horsepower of a single exhaust system. With the dual exhaust in place, you can deliver gas out from the engine faster, and this will enhance the general combustion in that it expels more air that’s already been used.

Invest in a High-Quality Interior for your Can Build

When it comes to the interior of your car, you will want to make sure the flooring and carpeting, seats, panel, ceiling, and wheel are all extremely polished. If you are restoring a car and you wish to keep it true to its original interior, then be sure to call a number of auto yards to see if they have your car and will let you gut it out for a reasonable price. If you are not able to find the original materials, then work with an expert; hire someone who knows how to source the right leather, and stitch it to perfection so that your interior will be showroom ready.

The Paint Job

Whether you want to restore the factory paint on your car, or give it a custom updated look, you need to hire a professional auto body painter to get it done right. If your goal is to sell a fully restored car in its original condition, then use the original factory paint color. However, if you want to get hyper creative and create a statement car, consider a candy shade with sparkling effects, some airbrushed pin striping, or some graphics. Just make sure your graphics donl;t overwhelm the car, as less is more.

These are the top four things to invest in when restoring a car or doing a new car build, with the aluminum car radiator being, arguably, the most important component. Make sure to do your research, and never settle for anything less than the best.