Rebuilt differentials will help you save your vehicle and money by saving your gear, wheels, and vehicle. A failed differential may make the gears grind, making the tires turn at the same rate. Simultaneous wheel turning rate causes the wheels to wear out faster. So, it would help if you get a differential repair early enough from a trusted company to prolong the service life of your truck.

Reasons you should rebuild your differential.

Operating your truck with a malfunctioned differential is not easy. You could continue damaging the differential or the vehicle tires or gears. There are signs you need to look for before rebuilding your differentials and making your tires turn correctly. Some of these signs are easily notable, and others need closer attention.

How do you know if a differential is terrible?

A lousy differential will show specific signs that should guide you on whether to take action and which action you would take if it is terrible. You will be able to see some of these signs, while there are others that you will use your hearing senses to discover. Nonetheless, some of the signs include the following:

Clunking, whistling, or grinding sounds 

When the pinion gear or bearing is worn out, you will hear a clunk, grind, or whistle sound in the differentials. Sometimes, the sounds would mean the gear installation is faulty. However, the sound is sometimes not related to the differential; therefore, the other places you would trace the sound are in the axle components or other drivelines.

  • Differential Oil Leaks

Traces of oils underneath or on the ground directly under the differential will show the differential has oil leaks. Whining sounds may also tell the gear mesh does not have enough fluid. Therefore, the gears will hardly work smoothly.

  • Grinding gears

Grinding gears may result from increased backlash on the gears or tight mesh on pinion gears. This unusual movement may mean that the gears are grinding and the differential needs an upgrade or rebuilding.

Therefore, if your differential shows any of the signs mentioned above, upgrading or rebuilding it in good time would be best. If you fail to replace them early enough, you could end up with an extensively damaged differential. A damaged differential might be costly to rebuild.

How much does a differential rebuild cost?

The cost of a differential rebuild will depend on the make of the vehicle you want to repair. A high-end vehicle will cost more than a low-end vehicle. In high and low-end vehicles, the needed repair could be light or extensive.

Suppose you need to do light repair tasks on your vehicle. In that case, it would cost you two hundred to four hundred dollars. Most of all, your vehicle’s type, model, and damage extent will determine whether the price will be slightly higher or lower.

Extensively damaged differentials might require a complete dismantling, thus raising the cost significantly higher. An estimated figure of the repair cost could be between four hundred to eight hundred dollars. Still, the cost would depend on the type and model of your vehicle.

What does upgrading your differential do? 

Upgrading your differentials helps improve the torque and wheel spin. Torque allows the vehicle to generate more power. Most importantly, your vehicle will have a better wheel spin, and you will hardly experience other issues such as weak performance, grinding gears, and oil leaks.

Most importantly, you need to know the signs of a lousy differential and what to do depending on the damage extent. An utterly damaged differential will cost you more than a slightly damaged one. As such, rebuilt differentials will go a long way in saving your vehicle and money, especially when you know the right thing to do.