You may have heard at least a million times that there are certain things you must and must not do in the moments following a car accident. Everything that must be done between your car crash and the filing your claim is critical to proving your innocence and holding the appropriate party responsible for the incident. For this reason, there are also mistakes you must avoid as well. There are several important guidelines when responding to or following your car accident that you should be aware of.

Your priority after an auto collision should be to collect as much evidence as possible from the scene. Everything that you record will be essential in building a strong case against the negligent driver, ensuring that you attain the necessary compensation to cover any medical bills or property damage you may have incurred.

When you’re gathering evidence from the scene of your crash, follow the steps below:

  • Call the police. A police report plays a crucial role in your legal claim. This documentation offers an objective perspective on the incident, and reflects all details of the events surrounding the crash, including environmental conditions, location of the accident, and all personal information of witnesses and affected parties.
  • Record all details of the crash. Not only must you ensure that a police officer records this information, but you must have it as well. Take photos and record videos of the scene of the collision and get the contact information of potential witnesses and the other drivers and passengers.
  • Seek medical attention. Due to the amount of adrenaline that is likely to be surging through your body after the car accident, you might not notice if you are injured. It’s best to visit a medical professional, even if you don’t feel hurt. (Your medical records can also be a make-or-break element for your claim.)

These are all things you must do even before you call your insurer. This way, you can be sure that you all have the appropriate information to thoroughly inform your insurance adjuster of the incident. When you do so, you must be careful in knowing what not to do after a car accident.

What You Should NOT Do Following a Car Crash

It’s easy to get caught up in your emotions in the moments following a car accident. No matter how upset you may feel, however, you must not say anything that may suggest fault on your behalf. Never say “I’m sorry,” or anything similar to an apology, as it may be taken as an admission of guilty.

For similar reasons, you must never agree to sign any documentation or to providing a recorded statement to anyone without the counsel of a lawyer. The other party’s insurer may attempt to use your words against in you in court and attempt to place you at fault when, truly, you were the victim.

To protect yourself from any misleading requests, it’s best to get the protection of a lawyer after a car accident. Your lawyer will alert you to manipulative tactics by insurers and other parties to ensure your full protection in your case. Get in touch with a lawyer today if need assistance on how to move forward after becoming the victim of a car crash.