All the Latest, Most-Desirable Models of the Year

Time to buy a new golf cart? You can’t go wrong with one of these 8 awesome golf carts, made for the 2021 model year, by some of the top names in the golf cart manufacturing world.

E-Z-GO Express S4
Since 1954, E-Z-GO has been manufacturing some of the most popular golf carts. The Express S4 is no exception. It’s good speed and distance capabilities make it an excellent choice for straying far from home.

The S4 includes a convertible rear seat for additional passengers or cargo, and the cart comes in a selection of 14 different colors. The 4-cycle, 404cc low-emission engine produces 13.5 horsepower at a top speed of 17 miles per hour.

Steering consists of a self-compensating rack and pinion mechanism, and a leaf-spring suspension system with hydraulic shock absorbers creates a comfortable ride.

Some owners lament that in-factory customization seems a bit scant, but with a variety of golf cart accessories on the market today, you can add new features when you get it home.

E-Z-GO Express L6
Another Made-in-America E-Z-GO with good distance and speed capabilities, the Express L6 is a six-seater golf cart that is both reliable and energy-efficient . It comes in 13 color options and uses the same steering and suspension system as the Express S4.

The Express L6 comes with alloy wheels and all-terrain tires for mastering golf courses and other sprawling properties, such as college campuses or public gardens. The low-emission 4-cycled 401cc engine reaches up to 16 miles per hour with a load capacity of 1,200 pounds.

Add additional golf cart parts after purchase to customize your ride.

Cushman Shuttle 2
For more than a century, Cushman vehicles have been in use for both pleasure and utility. The Cushman Shuttle 2 continues this tradition. It’s a versatile cart suitable for any function you require it to fill.

Despite its small size – it can only carry two people – it still boasts a load capacity of 1,200 pounds and reaches 16 miles per hour on a 4-cycled 401cc engine that runs off gasoline from the 6-gallon fuel tank. It also comes in an electric version.

The cargo deck accommodates 20.9 square feet, and Cushman offers some customization options when you order straight from the factory. However, it only comes in blue. Because Cushman and E-Z-GO are from the same manufacturer, they share some common parts, including steering and frame.

Cushman Shuttle 6
Be ready for any weather with the optional accessories available when you purchase a Cushman Shuttle 6, a six-passenger golf cart with a 1,200-pound load capacity.

It shares body color, engine, steering mechanism, and fuel tank with the Shuttle 2, but it’s serious stopping power comes from a self-adjusting drum service brake on the rear wheel.

Club Car Precedent I3
Since 1958, the safety record and minimalist design of Club Car has gone unmatched. The newest Precedent I3 feels like a luxury golf cart and is available in both gas or electric forms.

The gas version is powered by a one-cylinder Subaru EX40 404 cc engine with 14 horsepower. However, it peaks at 15 miles per hour, going slower than the slightly smaller engine in the E-Z-GO equivalent. The gas tank holds just 4.6 gallons of fuel.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum tubeless tires, an independent leaf spring, and hydraulic shocks in the front create a comfortable ride, and the turning capability from the SportDrive steering mechanism features a self-compensating double-reduction helical rack and pinion mechanism.

Club Car Onward
This from-factory, highly-customizable golf cart comes in your choice of seven different colors. Add on accessories like upgraded seating, windshields, enclosure, mirrors, and more, so your cart comes equipped with OEM golf cart parts.

The Onward seats two or four people and comes equipped with a 4-cycle Subaru 404cc engine producing 14 horsepower and topping out at 19 miles per hour. The Onward received a six-gallon fuel tank, much larger than the Precedent I3 model. The steering mechanism is identical.

Independent A-arms with hydraulic shocks in the front are responsible for a smooth ride in the all-terrain driving surfaces found on most golf courses.

Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler
A newer brand in the golf cart world, Yamaha introduced their first golf carts in 1988. Since then, their innovative ideas have made them popular. The Adventurer Super Hauler is no exception.

This Yamaha golf cart comes with a built-in massive cargo bed, designed to carry seriously large loads – but only two people.

Its reliable engine, a Yamaha 357cc single-cylinder, produces 11.4 horsepower and achieves up to 15 miles per hour with a 5.8-gallon fuel tank.

The body design is mold-in polypropylene in a single color. The ride is comfortable thanks to the Tru-Trak II strut in the front and rear wheel suspension systems, plus a self-compensating double-reduction helical rack and pinion steering mechanism.

Yamaha Drive 2 PTV
This gas-powered, multi-function golf cart hauls two passengers in exchange for the feeling of luxury and an air of versatility.

A low-emission Yamaha 357cc single-cylinder, 60-degree incline OHV engine reaches up to 19 miles per hour and climbs hills with a 15-degree incline. It’s 5.8-gallon fuel tank is more than sufficient.

Like the Adventurer Super Hauler, the Drive 2 uses the same steering mechanism. It’s front Tru-Trak II independent strut and QuieTech EFI suspension system with hydraulic shock absorbers in the back make for a smooth ride across the fairway or through the field.

Although no parts customization is available on this Yamaha, buyers can choose from the standard glacier hue or seven other metallic body colors and two seat color options.