It’s a dynamic as old as human history: businesses may grow and dwarf their customers by cosmic proportions, but the business would have never gotten that big without the customer.

And even more vital than customers is customer happiness- unhappy customers don’t buy anything.

Executives that understand the central place occupied by happy customers are the ones that go the farthest in their industry.

Servant Leadership

According to CarGuard’s Trevor Smith, an executive is often looked to as the boss in charge, but such a person is also the hand that feeds, and the company culture is part of what gets hand-fed to the people under the executive’s jurisdiction. In other words, the executive’s attitude and demeanor often serve as the boilerplate for the rest of the company.

So if the company is going to be customer-friendly, the first domino is in the hands of the executive.

But it takes more than just setting a good example. It calls for clearly spelled-out policies that build character traits such as patience, positivity, empathy, clarity in communication, transparency, and a drive for always getting better. When a company sees this in its leader, it will follow suit.


Naturally, nothing occurs automatically. A good executive needs to have good staff that is also customer-oriented. A business is a significant operation with more moving parts than one person can manage alone, so the support staff that will be representing the executive should be chosen carefully and evaluated for having the attributes above.

Executive of CarGuard Trevor Smith says that the customer service team also needs to have room to breathe and freedom and power to make the customer happy. Have you ever been met with a wall of policies when you had a problem with a product or service? Yeah, that’s a bad approach to things. Powerless employees and chintzy policies will chase away good customers.

Trevor Smith has understood everything we’ve just discussed, and it’s one of the reasons he’s a top executive at CarGuard. He’s in the business of administering vehicle service contracts. There’s a field where customer satisfaction cannot be neglected. Under this comprehension, CarGuard has become a leader in the industry.

Executive of CarGuard Trevor Smith has centered the company policies around four core values: innovation, customer service, responsiveness, and transparency. It’s these guiding principles that have kept CarGuard Administration on track to keeping rates reasonable and plans helpful. And we all know that car repair rates aren’t coming down anytime soon.

Trevor Smith of CarGuard is especially proud of how quickly his company responds to customer needs. A call to customer care will get you access to towing, fuel delivery, tire changing, or jump-starting.

CarGuard’s setup prioritizes customers and solving the problem at hand. That’s an attitude that you will find throughout the company all the way to the top. You can take a look at the company yourself by visiting