Over the years, the SUV body type has become popular in many family households. The SUV proves to be a versatile option vehicle, from having fun family road trips to daily commuting. With so many options in the market, choosing the right one for your family is critical and maybe a bit complicated.

However, when deciding to find the perfect SUV, there are a few things to consider, like the purpose it will serve and the time you spend on the road with your spouse and children. To help you make the right choice, keep your family’s needs and essential amenities in mind, read vehicle reviews like the Audi q5 review; here are a few features to look at when shopping around.


When it comes to commuting with your little ones, safety beats everything. The vehicle’s aesthetics is the least important feature, as long as it’s well equipped to keep you and your family safe. The model should have an outstanding crash review and hold a five-star safety rating to give you peace of mind. You want to keep your little ones in mind and ask the dealer for all kid’s specific safety features. The more family safety features, the better; the last thing you want to compromise is their safety.


When travelling with a group of young and rowdy soccer players or going on a road trip with your family, space is essential to ensure that everyone is seated comfortably and safe; and all luggage fits fine. Should you have more than one infant, you want to consider space to include more than one car seat.

The most significant advantage of an SUV is its size compared to sedans, giving allowance to carry more people, provide extra legroom and headspace. For families with furry friends, having more spaces allows them to tag along on trips and visit the park.


Many SUVs and Hatchbacks are famous for their “stow and go” seat arrangement. To stow diaper bags, sports equipment, getting groceries or anything else needing storage throughout your day, and still have enough room for the kids to sit. The best storage feature to look for in a truck is seats designed to be modified and storable, folding flat to give you more space. Taking the family on vacation must seem effortless, with half the house packed and loaded.


Airbags are probably the most critical safety features in a vehicle and having them in abundance in a large car is vital. In the unlikely event of an accident, you want everyone safe and protected, from you and your spouse, children and everyone to the last row of seats. It is standard to have driver and passenger airbags; for a vehicle as large as an SUV, consider curtain airbag features that will expand and protect every row of seats.


While on an extended family ride, kids are exposed to a blistering amount of unprotected sun. There are commercial sunshades available as stick-on. However, a majority of them fail to cover the entire rear window. Many modern SUV vehicles come equipped with a built-in sunshade, allowing you to pull the shade up and down at your passenger’s convenience.

Sometimes the kids may be fussy from a long trip, and you could both use an uninterrupted drive back home while they peacefully enjoy a shuteye.


Nowadays, a majority of cars have a remote control as a standard feature. The ability to command the lock-unlock function with only a touch of a button. Many SUVs have an added feature that assists you with mom multi-task duties. It’s hard to do everything at once, texting your spouse about something important, carrying your toddler, groceries, and trying to open your car trunk. With a simple button command, loading and unloading make things that much easier.


Although this feature came in the automobile industry as a luxury, today, as a busy parent, the capability of attending to your phone without taking your focus off the road is an incredible safety benefit. In many places, using a cell phone while driving is illegal, so manufacturers had to innovate to keep up with the digital error.

To allow browsing of music, navigation, take phone calls, and audio text messaging, Bluetooth integrated systems are now built-in features in modern vehicles.


Gone are the days of reversing into unseen objects in your driveway, like that toy truck you bought your kid for Christmas. Having a rear camera feature will not only save your son’s favourite toy but save you from more significant accidents out on the roads or even the shopping centre parking lot. The benefit of the camera and exterior visuals on your dashboard gives you a complete picture of what’s around you at all times.


Having a large vehicle like an SUV means that all doors are enormous and heavy. Children will naturally struggle to open and close doors independently. Having electric powered doors means they automatically open with a stop safety feature when they sense an object blocking the doorway. This feature makes travelling so much easier, grocery shopping, equipment loading, and even when you’ve settled in the car, with a touch of a button, the doors are commanded to close.


When you’re embarking on a journey with your children, leaving behind electronics, games, toys, and snacks is not an option. Certain back seat features come to your rescues like cupholders and seat pockets to keep everything organised and easily reachable for them. And for them to stay connected and entertained, USB charging ports keep them from trying to climb over the seat or leaning to charge in the front.

When browsing for the perfect SUV for you and your family, it is crucial to take all the time you need, compare amongst various dealership websites. If you’d like to physically visit the dealership’s floor, be sure to bring your family along for everyone to have a feel of the different options. While keeping your family’s needs in mind, choose a vehicle with convenient features, the purpose of use, daily commuting, and family road trips.