At one time it was unheard of for owners of prestige cars to go anywhere other than the dealership they bought their car from for any repairs or servicing. In recent years, independent garages that specialise in the maintenance and repair of so-called ‘supercars’ have increased in popularity. So, if you are looking for say a Ferrari Clutch replacement what sort of things would tempt you away from the nearest Ferrari dealership. I mean they sell Ferraris so they must be the experts right?

Well, we thought we would investigate the benefits offered by a local specialist independent garage. Since the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation came into force in 2018 motorists now have much more freedom when deciding which garage to use. So, listed below are five reasons why an independent garage may be the best choice for you.

Better Customer Service

While many main dealerships have a worldwide brand to attract customers, local independents are usually defined by their level of customer service. As a result, they will usually deal with customers the way they would like to be dealt with. In an independent garage, you are likely to meet employees who have more time to spend with you, resulting in personal relationships. Now, we’re not saying this does not happen at larger dealerships, but sometimes the pressure becomes too great. A recent survey suggested that independent garages have a more personal approach and as a result communication was usually better and work invariably completed on time.

Improved Value for Money

Independent garages now tend to offer motorists the best value available for money and in many cases are more cost-effective than dealerships. This is due in no part to them having much lower average labour costs. Many independent garages give customers the choice of either high-quality generic auto parts or branded parts and choosing the former can lead to substantial savings. Dealerships due to their partnership with the manufacturer do not have this option.

Support Local Businesses

Many motorists are more inclined to give small local companies businesses as they understand how vital they are to the local economy. Spending your hard-earned in a local business will often mean that it is recycled into the local community benefiting all. A trusted reliable local independent garage will not only benefit the local community but could save you having to travel miles for your annual service.

Excellent Reputation

A good reputation is something that is earned not presented to someone. There is nothing better than getting a recommendation from a friend or colleague. This will mean you get added peace of mind that the service you receive will be of high quality. In our book, word of mouth recommendations from people you trust and who have used the garage matter much more than anonymous online reviews.

Access to Technical Information and Quality Parts

Independent garages now offer a service that is equal in every way to the main dealership, in fact, in many cases, it is much better. With access to the same level of technical expertise and quality of parts, there is no aspect of the service an independent garage cannot cover. Most independent garages will have all the latest equipment and diagnostic software covering a wide range of vehicles. In dealerships, technicians usually specialise in certain models or areas, while independent mechanics require more knowledge on a variety of topics.

In conclusion, if you are the owner of a prestige motor, don’t think you are limited to the main dealership for services and repairs. Maybe have a look round and speak to a couple of local independents, who knows you could save yourself a few quid.