To fit all of your belongings into a trailer, you’ll need some knowledge and a lot of patience. However, throwing items in the trailer without first sorting them may not be the greatest way to pack your belongings. There are correct and inappropriate ways to load a trailer, and the wrong technique can result in catastrophic consequences.
When you’re ready to start loading your trailer, have a look at this infographic, Properly Loading a Trailer Is a Difficult Balancing Act. Keep in mind the towing vehicle’s and the trailer’s respective weight limits.

A properly packed trailer can mean the difference between a pleasant travel and causing a tragic accident. Inadequately organized cargo in trailers can cause the trailer to start swerving back and forth, and if the driver speeds up, the trailer can start whipping, making it exceedingly difficult to maintain control of your vehicle and potentially dangerous for all other vehicles on the road.

The most important aspects of hauling a trailer securely are proper packing practices, safe driving, and always attentive and aware. When towing a trailer, never go too fast. If the trailer begins to swerve, remove your foot off the accelerator pedal and wait until your vehicle gets down to the speed limit. Avoid slamming on the brakes. Maintain a straight and forward-facing steering wheel. Stop as soon as you can safely and unload your trailer as instructed in the infographic.