Car insurance provides various benefits such as cover against third-party liabilities, own damage, protection against natural and human-made calamities, etc. These benefits become more helpful during monsoon. This is because during this season, the likelihood of accidents increases. Furthermore, the season can cause other types of damages due to waterlogging, wet roads, etc. Therefore, it is essential that car owners have active car insurance during this season.

Read on to understand why car insurance renewal is important during this season and how you can renew your policy online.

The condition of roads during the monsoon season can get extremely bad. Therefore, it is important for car owners to be extra cautious while driving their cars. Another main concern is parking. If a car owner parks his/her car in an area that is prone to flooding, then the vehicle’s engine or interiors might get damaged. Hence, a vehicle can suffer from various damages during this season. The expenses arising due to such damages can be huge. Therefore, it is recommended that every car owner should have active car insurance during this season.

Car insurance offers a wide variety of benefits like-

  • Cover Against Third-Party Liabilities

If a policyholder’s car accidentally causes damages or injuries to a third-party person or property, then car insurance will cover policyholder’s legal liabilities. This cover can be helpful as the number of accidents increases during the monsoon season.

  • Own Damage Cover

This is another crucial cover that can be beneficial during this season. In case a policyholder’s vehicle gets damaged in an accident, then the insurer will provide financial assistance to pay for the expenses to repair the car.

  • Cover Against Natural and Human-Made Calamities

A car insurance plan also covers natural and human-made disasters like earthquake, cyclone, lightning, theft, burglary, riot, etc.

In order to avail these benefits, a car owner must have a car insurance plan. Furthermore, it is equally important for every policyholder to keep in mind when their policy is expiring. This is because if a policyholder’s car insurance expires, then the insurer will not cover his/her expenses.

Thus, it is crucial for insured people to know if their car insurance is active. In case a policyholder doesn’t renew car insurance, then the insurer will not provide him/her with the benefits. Furthermore, it is easy to renew car insurance online.

Car Insurance Renewal Online

The policyholder needs to visit the insurance company’s website. Then, he/she needs to enter the expiring policy number. He/she might have to share pictures of the car with the insurer for vehicle inspection. Then, the policyholder needs to read the policy details. Finally, he/she can renew the policy by making the payment. Furthermore, a policyholder can renew the insurance plan from another insurance provider.

Essential Documents for Car Insurance Renewal

  • Copy of Expired Car Insurance Plan
  • The Vehicle’s Registration Certificate
  • Details like the Make and Model of the Car, Registration Date, etc.
  • RTO Details

Car insurance renewal is extremely important in order to avail the various benefits a car insurance plan offers. It is even more crucial during the monsoon season as it can protect the policyholder from huge expenses that may arise due to the damages.