Back throughout the 1980s when Mercedes introduced its first “baby” Mercedes, the vehicle was received with mixed reviews. Motorists loved the vehicle, now a “C” series model, because it designed a Mercedes automobile affordable for that middle-class. However, critics worried the esteemed Mercedes-Benz name would suffer like a vehicle touching the cost degree of many ordinary American models would soon end up part of the road up. Today, even smaller sized Mercedes are planned for that US market. Will this be considered a huge mistake for that German automaker or perhaps is Mercedes incorporating smart thinking?

Towards the surprise of numerous Americans, the Mercedes brand is not as exaggerated or pretentious in Europe because it is within the U.S. Crafty Mercedes-Benz marketing through the years has presented a picture of Mercedes as being a definite ultra-luxury automobile line, a really superb benchmark that other cars are measured. In certain respects this picture holds true, but actually Mercedes goes well past this type of narrow definition.

Within the European market, Mercedes is renowned for producing the top quality luxury cars, but in addition for producing vehicles which are a lot more attainable for that masses. Even at this time Mercedes sells four models in Europe which are uncharacteristically Mercedes type vehicles, a minimum of for that American market:

Viano – A minivan of sorts, the vehicle holds as much as eight people and it is operated by either a set of inline four cylinder engines or perhaps a 3.5L I6.

Vaneo – A concise van with seating for as much as seven adults. The Vaneo includes a sloping roof that rapidly drops off and away to a rear hatch. Operated by 1.6L or 1.9L I4 gasoline engines or perhaps a 1.7L diesel.

B Series – Mercedes’ response to the Volkswagen Golf is its very own “B” Number of automobiles. This five door hatchback, that also looks nearly the same as a Toyota Matrix, includes six engine choices: four gas engines beginning having a 1.5L I4 up to and including 2.0L turbocharged four, and 2 diesels.

A Set – Even smaller sized compared to “B” Series may be the “A” Series, three or five door hatchback models about how big a Toyota Echo. You heard right, a tiny small Mercedes! Exactly the same six engines offered using the “B” Series can be found within the “A” Series plus yet another good diesel for as many as seven engine choices!

Prices for that “A” Series starts around $23,000 when current British to American foreign exchange figures are considered to almost $29,500 for that “B” Series. The Vaneo and Viano would sell around $25,550 and $39,800 correspondingly if today’s European prices were transported to the U.S.

So, exactly what does Mercedes are thinking about? They’re wishing introducing the “B” Series towards the U.S. market by 2007. Is that this a sensible decision? For me it’s labored well in Europe, however it might be better for Mercedes to produce a new model of cars to incorporate the “B” Series. Similar to Toyota has spun off both Lexus and Scion, Mercedes are the best offered by developing a separate “lower market” brand to be able to uphold the Mercedes name.

No, there is not anything shameful about these small vehicles – actually, they’re a great idea – however, decades of promoting within the U.S. can typically be un-tied overnight by the development of any vehicle smaller sized compared to “C” Series towards the Mercedes fall into line. No vehicle no more than the “B” Series would put on a Lexus nameplate, why should a vehicle of the type put on the Mercedes moniker?