Audi was one of the first companies to recognise the enormous potential of major map updates to make navigating on the road extremely intuitive and comfortable for the user. What do you need to keep in mind when updating your Audi maps?

Different cars, different versions of navigation

While making audi maps update you need to remember that you can buy navigations compatible with MMI 2G, MMI 3G (in Basic, High and Plus versions), MIB 1 and also MIB 2. You can choose dedicated maps for Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Middle East and many other all around the world.

It is worth considering whether it would not be better to buy an update that will not only introduce new navigation data, but also refresh the vehicle’s firmware, adding, for example, dedicated functions that the manufacturer has introduced in the meantime.

How to check what software version you have?

You need to enter the advanced menu in the vehicle settings. Usually, it is enough to press the combination of CAR and Setup keys for a few seconds. In the menu we go to the “Check for software updates” tab. This is the easiest way to quickly find out what software version you have.

How do you update the navigation in Audi cars?

You can rely on companies that specialize in dealing with such tasks, but – to be honest – this is a very simple operation that any user is capable of handling. All you need is the original installation file and two SD cards. Keep in mind that the whole procedure may take some time.

Download the purchased maps to your computer. Then unpack the software using 7zip application. The next step is to format the SD card in the FAT32 system. After formatting is completed, copy the files with navigation updates to the card.

Insert the card into the slot in your vehicle. Now you have to wait until the car detects the update. A box informing that an update has been found should appear on the screen. Confirm (by selecting “yes”) and wait for the installation process to finish.

The next step is to activate the map. You need to insert the previously formatted second SD card (formatting in FAT32 standard), and then press RADIO+CAR+NAV+MEDIA+TEL button simultaneously. Settings will take some time to load.

When the screen shows that the installation has been completed, you can remove the SD cards and then you will have to restart the vehicle. If all the steps have been done correctly, then after a while you can enjoy the updated navigation in your Audi.

Problems with map updates in Audi. What to watch out for?

If the vehicle cannot find the update, it is possible that you have placed the installation files in some folder. This is a common mistake. The files need to be saved directly in the root folder of the SD card. Simply copy the files from the folder and place them directly on the card.

Sometimes the “This medium is currently unavailable” screen also appears. The problem occurs when you use a card larger than 32 GB. MMI is not able to read cards with larger capacities. So, you have to use a card of exactly that capacity, and it has to be pre-formatted in FAT32.

So, if you have used a 64 GB card, for example, you will not be able to install the new navigation version. The card must be of an exact 32GB capacity. This is the most common error that you need to pay attention to, because many people often complain about installation problems on the wrong data carrier.

If the information about blocked navigation data appears on the car’s display, it means that you have forgotten to additionally activate the installed maps. In this case, follow the instructions again and activate newly installed maps.