On the list of issues car owners regularly complain about, Adblue makes the cut. Despite its many advantages, improper handling, accidental filling of diesel tanks, and contamination are common reasons why Adblue creates a problem for engines. So, how can you avoid these common problems? Here is how to avoid the most common AdBlue problems and keep your engines running efficiently.

Effective Ways To Avoid Adblue Problems

AdBlue is an emission control solution for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions in diesel engines. It is a water-like liquid that is sprayed into the exhaust gas before leaving the machine. To enjoy the benefits of Adblue in your vehicle, it is important to consider the following to avoid common Adblue problems. These include:

  • Keep Adblue uncontaminated

Adblue is susceptible to contamination; therefore, purity is crucial for the solution to perform optimally. Contaminants get into the fluid through the tank cap area, causing damage and extended unplanned machine downtime. Be sure to clean the cap area thoroughly before adding the liquid. It is also advisable to keep your Adblue in dedicated containers to ensure your Adblue is not contained.

An uptick in your AdBlue consumption, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system malfunction or engine shut down can be a sign of contamination.

  • Don’t mix your liquids

It is important to ensure that your Adblue doesn’t mix with diesel. When filling your Adblue tank, it is vital to ensure that you do so carefully. Adblue has its filling port with a blue lid, which tends to be much smaller than the fuel port. A mixture of the two fluids could damage your engine and incur high repair costs. If you accidentally mix the liquids, drain and flush the tank using deionised water or clean Adblue solution to prevent any damage.

  • Perform adequate and regular maintenance checks

Your dashboard will show a control light when your AdBlue tank is empty, and your engine will begin to throttle. Regularly replace your AdBlue filter per service intervals, and remember that the AdBlue tank is prone to condensation. This can lead to contamination which is why you should refill your AdBlue tank each day.

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