The legal proceedings following car accidents are notoriously overwhelming processes that victims have no choice but to endure. Though it would be ideal for a victim to simply receive the compensation they need for their recovery and be on their way, that is, unfortunately, not how these processes typically unfold.

Insurance companies, for one, are well-known for vehemently resisting payouts to protect their profits. Further, the guilty party’s legal team may be determined to invalidate your victimhood. The key to circumventing these attempts at denying your rightful compensation is partnering up with a reliable car accident lawyer. There are several important tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect lawyer for your circumstances.

Choosing the Perfect Car Accident Lawyer

As you begin your search for the perfect car accident lawyer for your case, you will need to adapt your mindset appropriately. What does this mean? Realize that you are not simply paying for any fleeting service. You are hiring someone to fulfill a critical job for you. Understand that not only are your legal and driving reputations on the line but your finances as well. The car accident lawyer’s job is to protect all of these factors throughout the case.

When looking to hire someone for this job, you must vet them by using the following methods:

  • Reading through past client reviews. Reviews are some of the most reliable ways to verify the history of a lawyer. They will demonstrate precisely what you can expect from this lawyer, regarding their communication style, success in winning cases, their process of investigation, and more. Still, not all reviews are believable.
  • Here are some elements to be wary of:
    • Exclusively 5-star reviews. (This is highly unrealistic, and may indicate that they manipulate reviews.)
    • Far too many reviews for the age of the company.
    • No text with the ratings.
  • The rate at which they file lawsuits. If the law firm rarely files any lawsuits, insurance companies will assume that they can offer a lowball settlement with no consequences. However, if they file cases around 50-60% of the time, the insurer is likely to take them more seriously (and so can you).
  • Ask for references. Similar to reviews, you need to get an honest opinion from someone who has used this lawyer’s services before. If they are unwilling to provide references, this is a bad sign of their credibility.

Of course, as you go through these steps, you should be directly communicating with this lawyer as well. In their correspondence with you, they should be abundantly clear in their guidance, making it easy for you to understand how they will proceed with your case.

Moving Forward with Your Lawyer

Before you commit to a final hire, make sure that they have thoroughly explained their fee structure and any caveats to their service. Ask, for example, if you will have to pay whether they win your case or not, or if you will be subject to a fee regardless. Each exchange between you and your lawyer should be exceedingly clear – the last thing you want is for your car accident lawyer to be just as hard to work with as a stubborn insurer or the defendant’s legal party!

Take your time to choose the lawyer for handling your accident. As long as you follow this guide and speak directly with your potential legal defense, you are sure to find a professional that is willing and capable of working with you to the end.