If you have considered purchasing a refrigerated van for your transportation business, there are many things that you might need to think about. The first being that these types of vans require a specialized kind of maintenance. Having your van can be beneficial in several ways. However, if you want it to serve the business and remain an asset for an extended period, you’ll have to maintain it regularly and properly. Transporting perishable goods, whether pharmaceuticals or flowers, demands a lot of responsibility both on the means of transportation and operator.

Owning a reliable temp-controlled van ensures that your cargo gets to its destination in the same condition as during loading. If your van isn’t performing at an optimum, it could damage produce, negatively impacting your business. This list contains three of the best maintenance tips.

  1. Schedule regular professional inspections. 

Scheduling regular check-ups for your refrigerated van is part of the necessary preventative maintenance. If your van is new or has just been fitted with a refrigeration unit through van conversions, it can go for up to 100,000 miles before undergoing an inspection. However, if you operate in very harsh weather conditions, it’s advisable to take it after every 25,000 miles.

A professional mechanic has the necessary training to figure out even the most minor issues that have the potential of becoming severe in the future. They are also an integral component in ensuring that your van or truck is operating as it should.

  1. Conduct pre-trip checks

Before your van sets off on a trip, conduct a quick check to ensure that all the components are running smoothly. Keep in mind that it is more challenging to fix a fully loaded van on the road. It is also more costly. Once you can catch problems and any issues while the van is still inside the garage, it will be easier to fix them before loading anything onto the refrigerated van.

  1. Look out for warning signs

Every professional refrigerated van operator understands the importance of keeping a close watch for any changes in their vehicle. This is among the most effective ways to prevent potential breakdowns. When regularly using your van, observe any deviations or changes from how it usually performs.

Say, for instance, your refrigeration unit is taking more time than usual to cool down. This might be cause for concern. Additionally, if the van is producing unusual noises, you might need to call in your mechanic to have a look before potential issues advance further.

  1. Regular tuning

Something else that you should consider doing to maintain your van is ensuring that your oil is clean and checking the coolant and oil levels. You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles to ensure that your van is performing at an optimum. These types of transportation tend to be particularly sensitive to dirt, water, and dust.

Such elements affect their ability to maintain an ideal temperature. During these tune-ups, please do a thorough check to ensure that none of them has gotten into your refrigeration unit.

Keeping your van in excellent condition is essential to ensure that it keeps your produce fresh and in excellent condition. By maintaining the van, you’ll also extend the van’s life and get a better return on your investment.