Australia boasts some of the most wonderful scenery in the world – along with unique flora and fauna. The challenge is getting out there to enjoy the magnificence of the country – especially if you are going to be travelling to the outback where opportunities to refill gas canisters can be few and far between. But there is a new RV that has turned the world of travel on its head. This is the ERV – and it removes the necessity for reliance on fossil fuels completely. This means that your only limitation is the far horizon – indulge your wanderlust with no limitations.

  1. Outback Ready

This world’s first electric RV has been designed to cope with the harsh conditions of places such as the Outback – and provide a luxury experience at the same time. Depending on the model that you select you will enjoy an Automotive-Grade lithium-ion battery rated for up to up to *14.3 kWh, solar panels on the roof of the RV that provides *up to 2,400 Watts, and a *5,000 inverter (with digital architecture), a complete system that is more than sufficient to ensure that your trip allows you access to all the modern conveniences of home. The energy-efficient design of the cabin ensures that you reduce your carbon footprint, while still having the trip of a lifetime.

Luxury and Comfort

However, this is no ordinary RV – it has been designed to handle everything that the off-roading experience has to offer – including coping with the sometimes harsh conditions found in the Outback. It boasts a 4.4T Independent Suspension and truss chassis, with sway control to keep the ride as silky smooth as possible whether you are on the tarmac or navigating that challenging dirt track. The 16 x 265 Wheels and 12″ Brakes give this RV a sure-footed ability to provide exceptional levels of comfort – and handle the really tough stuff.

World-Class Home Comforts  

But it’s not all about being sure-footed and tough as nails. no off-road adventure is complete without those little luxuries of home. The ERV has all the appliances and modern conveniences that make the adventure that little bit more pleasant. Think a pillowtop mattress, upholstered seat bases, a fully fiberglassed Shower, three-piece bed head – and stylish black bathroom fittings. but there’s more. A premium quality audio system, a microwave oven/grill, two exterior speakers and floodlights. Add a 224lt Compressor Fridge, a Truma Sapphire Heater and Air Con, and an exterior shower for added convenience, as well as leather upholstery. And there’s more,  much much more – including numerous electrical outlets and USB ports. You will lack for nothing when you are travelling and relaxing in the evening.

Visit and the 2023 travelling season will be an adventure that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Embrace Mother Nature with the world-first electric RV. Select the floor plan that suits your unique lifestyle and sense of adventure at and take a step into the future of RV travel.