When it comes to unique flora and fauna and some of the most wonderful scenery in the world, Australia has most of the world playing second fiddle. There are the arid wonders of the Outback, the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef, the lush greenery of the semi-tropical rainforests of northern and eastern Australia, and the untamed coastal areas with some of the most unspoiled beaches on the planet. 

Millions of tourists, both domestic and international set off each year by road to explore these attractions. Popular tourist spots can become crowded with holidaymakers during the high season. But what of those who seek solitude and the opportunity to enjoy magnificent scenery far from the madding crowd?

For these adventurers, off-road caravaning is the perfect solution to wandering from the beaten track. They are free to explore at their leisure and march to the beat of their own drummers, as well as be free to spend their leisure time as they see fit. They can set out for the far horizon and build dreams that will last a lifetime.

today’s off-road caravans are a far cry from those that travelled the dirt tracks only a generation ago. Not are they tougher and more capable, but they also boast luxury features that would have adventure seekers of years gone by green with envy.

Technological Advancement

Off-road caravan manufacturers have also made enormous strides when it comes to harnessing the power of technology. Family-owned Retreat Caravans has been providing off-road caravans for over 15 years and are at the forefront of developing innovative off-road solutions. A case in point is the ERV. This is a world-first, an all-electric caravan powered by the sun. This is a caravan that is built tough – and has all the modern conveniences one could wish for. It is an especially welcome development for those who want to explore areas where gas cylinder refills can be scarce.

Rugged Luxury

However, Retreat caravans have not been resting on their laurels. They have dedicated experts that are providing off-roaders with a luxury caravan experience. With three other models (aside from the groundbreaking ERV) they have taken the off-road caravanning experience to new heights. The various models (the Whitsunday, the Daydream, and the tough-as-nails Fraser, have something for every off-road enthusiast. And these models boast some incredible appliances and finishes. Take your choice of model and enjoy microwaves, induction stovetops, min-grills, state-of-the-art audio, generous fridges, outside showers, innerspring or pillow-top mattresses, bug-proof lighting, roof-mounted floodlights and much more (including a wealth of electrical outlets and USB points) will totally transform your off-road experience.

Tough Enough for any Conditions

Proven suspension systems, off-road wheels, rugged chassis, and more (including sway control) make these off-road caravans the perfect platforms to explore – no matter the conditions.

Review a choice of floor plans or take a virtual tour of just what the experts at Retreat Caravans can offer (including some luxury add-ons) by visiting www.retreatcaravans.com.au/ – your first stop on the road to adventure.