The team at DriveSmart knows that sometimes car owners can be a little skeptical about the idea of an extended car warranty.

After all, many people get robocalls telling you that your extended car warranty has expired. Not only can these calls be a bit annoying, but they also tend to give extended car warranties a negative connotation, or even a bad reputation.

DriveSmart, however, wants you to know that the right extended car warranty is not only the real deal but ultimately provides you with peace of mind when your car breaks down, when you’re facing costly, unexpected repairs or when you simply need a jumpstart to keep that trip going in the right direction.

With a custom extended warranty policy through DriveSmart you get the coverage you need to pay for future auto repairs, basic maintenance, and oil changes, towing, roadside assistance, and so much more!

Know You Have the Funds to Repair

An auto dealer may give you a car warranty. Its lifespan is limited, though. After that, you’re responsible for shelling out the entire labor and parts cost for a repair.

But with an extended car warranty policy from DriveSmart, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a large lump sum all at once. This is because the warranty will cover that cost and help you get things rolling without breaking your budget.

Not Having That Constant Worry

When your vehicle’s warranty expires, you always worry in the back of your mind. The slightest rattle or rumble may induce a panic attack.

However, the professionals at DriveSmart want you to know that you can have peace of mind with a DriveSmart extended car warranty.

With a DriveSmart policy, you’re protected well beyond the expiration of your car’s factory warranty, equipped with the coverage to manage new problems, pay for repairs and even tackle basic auto maintenance without sweating a major repair bill.

Repairs and Service Coverage Delivered by Dedicated Professionals

Many traditional warranties have strict limitations. In many cases, such policies are not only limited by the types of repairs they’ll cover but also only provide coverage in certain situations, and only if you visit a specific dealership to get the work done.

What’s more: many of these places use only original factory parts and follow specific guidelines required by the manufacturer.

But with an extended warranty coverage through DriveSmart not only do you get the robust coverage you need to get your repair done right, and by DriveSmart certified mechanics committed to your safety and satisfaction.

Additionally, DriveSmart makes it easy to set up appointments with experienced, certified repair professionals when you need them most, ensuring your car gets expert attention as quickly as possible.

Save Yourself Money

DriveSmart did a bit of number crunching and determined that extended warranties can save you money. If your car has more than 60,000 miles, you’re bound to experience a problem at some time or another. That’s the nature of vehicles; they depreciate, and parts wear out over time.

In your typical Toyota or Ford, the parts and labor charges can cost you a few grand in repairs. On the other hand, if you have a luxury vehicle that requires specialized parts like a BMW, one part plus the repairs could cost you over $10,000. Therefore, you could save yourself money in the long run if you opt for an extended car warranty.

Comes With Other Benefits

DriveSmart extended car warranties do more than just cover the cost of repairs. In addition to significant fixes, DriveSmart policies also cover essential auto emergency needs such as tow service, rental car reimbursement, or even expense coverage should you happen to break down out of town and require a hotel stay.

With an industry-leading extended car warranty from Drivesmart, you’ll find yourself less stressed, confident in the knowledge that you and your car are in great hands at all times. You won’t have to worry about the condition of your vehicle and if it’s going to break down when you can’t afford it to.