When you want to protect your car from the elements, many car enthusiasts rely on a high-quality wax or sealant. While these serve their purpose, a more advanced coating system will deliver a better shine and ultimately last longer. So what is ceramic coating? It is a protective coating that you can apply to your car’s exterior, windshield, or headlights. Always go for sprays with a quality finish and look.

It is essential to talk about popular myths and facts about this system that will help you determine if this is the right option for you.

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive to Apply Ceramic Coating on Your Car

While an advanced coating system may cost more than a basic wax, you will ultimately save money in the long run. It is because the ceramic coating has several advantages that will extend the life of your car and save you money and time.

Reality:  With the right product and instructions, you can apply a ceramic coating to your car by yourself. The more sophisticated kits come with everything you need to do the process correctly – it might take a little bit of practice before getting it right, but once you’re there, you will be able to do it all by yourself.

Myth #2: Ceramic Coating Will Affect the Paint on My Car

Many car owners are concerned with paint damage and how this coating system will affect their paint finish. However, these sprays are formulated to give your vehicle’s exterior a layer of protection without affecting its quality or appearance.

Reality: While a quality coating is safe for your vehicle’s paint, it also makes sense to use the right products. Look for sprays that will not affect your paint and can improve its appearance. Brands like Nexgen ceramic spray are made to give your car the right touch without damaging its main feature – the paint job.

Myth #3: This Is a Weak Coating and Will Not Last Long

Some spray kits give you deceptively small bottles and only claim that the coating will last up to 3 months – this is not exactly true as ceramic sprays can last up to several years! Hence the need to look for Turtle Wax Ice reviews; it is a wise approach when looking for the best products.

Reality: While you may have to reapply the coating every few months, this is still a better option than waxes that can easily break down after 6 to 8 weeks.

Myth #4: Ceramic Coating Will Not Work on My Car Type

Products like Nexgen ceramic coating can be applied to various surfaces, including glass, plastic, rubber, and metal. Whether your car has a matte or glossy finish, this spray will work wonders for its exterior condition.

Reality: Even if you have an older model, the right product will work exceptionally well for your car. It is the best when driving in extreme weather conditions as this coating system shields your vehicle from the sun’s UV rays and other harsh elements.

When it comes to ceramic coating vs waxing, the type of spray you choose for your car will make a big difference. If your pan is to give the exterior some protection, but you do not want to deal with more complex options like paint jobs and waxing, then the coating is an option worth looking into.