Back in the day, it was nearly impossible to see a car with over 100,000 mileage still on the road. The more distance a car covers, the higher the possibility of wearing out. After just a few years people would pack their vehicles and look for other alternatives. However, times have changed, and it’s not unusual to see a car with over 500,000 mileage still on the road and in excellent condition. Why is that the case? It all comes down to the maintenance. Car owners that take good care of their automobiles tend to enjoy long years of service. They can rely on their investment to serve them for many years, and if they choose to sell, they can get good value for their cars.

It’s worth noting that anyone who intends to pursue car maintenance must have a little technical know-how to keep their car in pristine condition. Using the following car maintenance tips, anyone can make their vehicle last longer;

Regular changing of engine oil and filter

Many car owner manuals recommend the often engine oil changing. A frequent oil change is necessary, especially for people who are trying to maintain used cars. The best thing with regular oil changes is that the car owner gets to flush abrasive dirt and any metal particles out of the engine. Taking care of the engine allows it to last longer without regular breakdowns. Also, car owners can opt to use a B12 cleaner for small engines for increased efficiency. It is the best way of prolonging the engine’s life cycle. While still in engines, changing the oil filters is equally important. Old filters tend to contain oil and dust particles build up that if left unchanged can mix with the new and clean oil.

Checking the battery 

Almost everyone has a story about their car battery stopping to work. Everything may seem fine then all of a sudden, the battery won’t just work. It’s never fun when it becomes hard to start your car. To avoid this, checking the car battery is the first step. This entails checking the cables and if they are appropriately connected to the terminals at all times. Car owners should also watch out for leakages, and mineral buildup around the terminals and cables. A battery cleaning brush should take care of the accumulation. It’s advisable to use a multimeter to check if the battery is fully charged.

Regular checking of the brakes

Every car’s brake pads need regular inspection. While driving, drivers should listen to any brake noise while paying close attention to shuddering or vibrating of the brake pedal. If something is wrong, they should visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Test the lights frequently.

The last thing anyone wants is a broken or burnt-out bulb. Not only is it a safety hazard but also can get someone in trouble with the authorities. Car owners must learn to inspect each bulb on their car to make sure it’s working correctly. If anything is wrong, they should take the vehicle to an expert. Keep in mind the headlights are crucial safety lights for any car and should be working correctly at all times.

When it comes to car maintenance, it’s all about personal responsibility. When a car owner feels something is wrong with their car, it would be good to have it checked right away before it becomes a bigger problem. The engine is probably the most crucial part to watch out for. With a B12 cleaner for small engines, car owners can keep their vehicles in excellent condition for a long time.