Nobody loves to admit to believing in stereotypes, will they? The discerning among us would most likely abhor the apparent cliche, though all of us abuse them regularly. So why do we discover it acceptable to pigeonhole car dealers, generalizing them to be shady wheeler dealers searching to obtain one over honest customers just like you and me.

I guess we’re able to always revert to a different cliche and blame the press for those our suppositions. In the end, are they not those who have portrayed vehicle salesmen to be simply Fagan-like tricksters, prepared to pounce around the unsuspecting using their smooth talk, clever charms and ambitions to wring every last cent from your pockets? Certainly, it is a negative portrayal and most likely illegal – though not entirely unfounded. Yet, for the bad media, the stereotypical dodgy vehicle dealer holds a unique devote our cultural awareness.

Possibly, within the United kingdom a minimum of, it is the cheeky, cheerful Arthur Daley of TVs Minder all individuals years back that made us see the used car dealer, a minimum of, like a adorable, entrepreneurial rascal. It did not matter this ‘geezer’s’ (insufficient) business acumen resulted in he needed a complete time bodyguard to safeguard him from the victims of his scams and dodgy deals. We loved him for this. And perhaps, that certain television character helped us to like and forgive the actual salesmen available, whether or not they were shady or absolutely honest.

Hollywood, it appears, while sparing us such love with regards to their representations, still places a focus on the vehicle dealer as comic figure. The late Bernie Mac made an appearance like a motor-mouthed, wisecracking salesperson in Transformers, despite the fact that he did not represent his profession like a disadvantage man, his desperate-to-make-a-purchase attitude reinforced the look from the salesperson like a figure of fun. A 2009 film titled The Products: Live Hard, Sell Hard starring Jeremy Piven, similarly propagates the comic side of the marketplace – once we apparently desire to view it – carrying out a slimy, smooth speaking protagonist who helps make the audience cringe with embarrassing laughter.

With all of these narratives and stereotypes surrounding us in media, maybe there’s something seriously deep happening about our generalized view of people that sell cars as a living. Maybe, as Carl Jung recommended, you will find unconscious archetypes that should be satisfied within our everyday get a hearty existence, and also the vehicle dealer transpires with fill the ambiguous role from the trickster, as being a present day form of the Norse god Loki.

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