There is nothing more satisfying than an accurately cleaned car. It is something you don’t get in the local car wash with those floppy brushes and one spray for all cars. Even in a place where the car is cleaned manually, it is often possible to get your car damaged as debris collects on the brushes.

So, why not get out two buckets and a hose and clean the car yourself? DIY cleaning will give you the chance to safely clean the car without damaging the surface. It is satisfying in the end when you are able to properly and safely clean the car.

If you are worried you will not do it the right way, fret no more. We have created a detailed guide to help you clean the car like a pro. While at it, make sure you get your cleaning products from Nexgen.

Check out this approach.


Before you start working on the car, it is advisable to take several precautions. Minimize the risk of scratching the surface by removing any piece of jewelry you have. That includes rings, belts with buckles, and chains. After that, make sure everything is ready. Get your car detailing products, organize your garage, get the buckets ready and ensure you have enough supply of clean water. If you cannot access a hose, you can use a quick detail spray with microfiber towels.

Clear Water Rinse

Before everything else, re-cleaning is vital. According to pros, clean water rinsing your vehicle will remove debris and dirt that may damage the paint when washing. Use your hose and rinse the car from the top to the bottom, and don’t forget the wheels. After pre-cleaning, you can now wash the wheels using a wheel cleaner.

Ditch The Sponge

One thing you must always be careful with is the material you use to clean the surface of the car. It is advisable to avoid using the sponge. Instead, use a soft microfiber towel and ensure you also use the correct soap designed for washing cars.

Use The Two Bucket Approach

Put enough water in two buckets and add soap in one. Dip the towel in the soapy water and start cleaning. In the next dip, start dipping the towel in the bucket with clean water. This helps remove debris and dirt before you dip it into the soapy water. This method helps to ensure the soapy water remains clean throughout.

Ceramic Coating

After washing and rinsing, wait for the car to dry. In the meantime, prepare the ceramic coating products. A ceramic spray coating is the easiest to use even by beginners. Give the exterior and glass surfaces a nice touch to keep them crystal-clear. Use a microfiber towel to remove extra product.

Many people enjoy waterless car wash for a reason, and even if you are in this category, don’t forget to add a protective layer of ceramic coating to your car. It protects the paint from corrosion and adds an extra layer of UV rays protection.

Enjoy a Clean Car!

Regular maintenance and cleaning your car are the only ways you can protect your investment. You don’t even need to take the car to an automatic car wash to have it cleaned. Use this guide, and you will be cleaning your car like a pro in no time.