As a car enthusiast you know how critical the radiator is to enabling your car to run efficiently and safely. If something goes wrong with the radiator, the car can overheat and lead to all kinds of other complications. The radiator is the primary component to your cooling system, so clearly you want one that will ensure good car health. There are many reasons why people should buy aluminum car radiators rather than copper brass models, and this article will point out four important things to keep in mind when shopping for aluminum radiators for cars.

  1. Aluminum Car Radiators Have More Benefits

Let’s point out the big win out of the gate: aluminum car radiators have a cheaper cost than other types. But what other benefits do they bring? Here are some of the top reasons why experienced gear heads buy aluminum car radiators:

  • Aluminum car radiators are easier to repair.
  • When you buy aluminum radiators, you get a lighter part meaning your car will be more fuel efficient.
  • Aluminum car radiators aren’t as likely to rust over or corrode.
  • An aluminum car radiator is strong and durable meaning it is less likely to bend or crack, even when it is extremely hot.
  • An aluminum car radiator conducts and absorbs heat better, and faster meaning heated coolant will cool more quickly as it moves through the tubes.
  • Aluminum is a recycled metal, so it is safe for the environment.
  • Aluminum car radiators can be melted down and used to make a new radiator when it is time to replace the part.
  1. Aluminum Car Radiators Last Longer than Copper-Brass

Experienced car builders know right off the bat that an aluminum car radiator lasts longer than copper-brass models. While a copper-brass radiator has a life of six to 10 years, an aluminum car radiator lasts between eight to 10 years thus offering more value.

  1. Aluminum Car Radiators Offer Hot Rod Builders More Customization Options

Because an aluminum car radiator is lighter and can be re-shaped or customized to take on a specific dimension, hot rod builders love working with them because they can almost always make them fit into tight places that a copper-brass part wouldn’t be able to do. Also, when using copper-brass there tends to be more parts rubbing together, but with aluminum not as much.

  1. In Most Cases You Can Swap your Copper-Brass Part for an Aluminum Car Radiator

If you are taking on a restoration project, you can usually replace your copper-brass part with an aluminum radiator if the car was built before 1980. But did you know that certain circumstances predicate the need for an aluminum car radiator over copper-brass? If the car’s original radiator was aluminum, then you will want to stick to this option. Also, if you are not too sure what type of car radiator to use, always opt for aluminum. An aluminum car radiator is also ideal for car restoration projects that  have little space under the hood, and if the car has a history of poor airflow and overheats a lot, then an aluminum radiator would be the way to go. In some cases, you may need a custom built radiator, and you can do this with the aluminum option.