Your driving license opens any driver to a world of speed and convenience. Many people who have driven long may assume some preventive measures and frequently find themselves in collision with other motorists.

On the other hand, a first-time driver is vulnerable on the road and is often deemed inexperienced by seasoned drivers. It is critical to have the right attitude while on the road. And road safety measures do that.

The other crucial measure to take is to ensure you have an updated comprehensive insurance cover from york insurance or an insurance broker near you. It is your responsibility to the road safe for yourself and others by doing the following:

#1 Always be alert

Be conscious of other motorists and pedestrians when driving. The slightest diversion of your concentration can cause a collision with an oncoming car. Your focus should not be stolen by a mobile phone, baby on board, or a wandering mind.

#2 Avoid making assumptions

You are only in control of your actions. Do not assume that the next driver will do what you think they should do. It is critical always to do the right thing no matter the other drivers’ action.

# 3 Use Turn signals appropriately and timely

When you need to make a turning or change lanes, ensure your signals indicate your intention. You cannot rely on other motorists’ signaling to declare their actions. Therefore, you are in charge of their realistic expectations for your signals.

# 4 Buckle your safety belt

Make it a habit to always buckle up immediately you take the driver’s seat. Wearing your safety belt protects you in case of an accident. You are likely to suffer severe injuries if you’re safety belt is not secured. The traffic police will also find you at fault if you have not buckled up.

#5 Obey traffic signals and road signs

Traffic lights and signs inform your decision while driving. Therefore, pay attention and obey them to avoid accidents with pedestrians, other motorists, and the law.

#6 Obey speed limits

Various parts of the road allow particular speed limits. Defying any of these speed limits may be the difference between causing a collision and injuries to yourself and others.

Speed limits are set to safeguard pedestrians, motorists, businesses, homes, and others institutions located by the roadside.

#7 Allow for weather adjustments

It may not be possible to drive in adverse weather conditions. The foggy, rainy, and snowy conditions may blur your vision and concentration making you more prone to accidents. Driving in such weather conditions need extra precaution and updates on the changing patterns from traffic and meteorologist.

#8 Be patience

Most of the accidents happen because a motorist was in a rush to get to their destination.  Remember, you need to get to point B alive and well. You do not also want to waste your money on compensation or eat into your policy.

Patience pays. Always be cautious of your speed and actions. If you find yourself hooting unnecessarily or hauling rude remarks to other road users, you’re getting impatient. Be in control of your attitude while driving.

Road safety begins with you. You are responsible for all your actions to keep yourself and others safe.