The Korean automaker Kia is a derivative of the original company Hyundai. We know Kia for its sporty cars and midsize sedans such as the K5.

Kia sells several SUV sizes; small as well as full-size. The SUVs include the Seltos, a subcompact SUV, compact Sportage, and the Sorento and Telluride, which are midsize.

Kia models have spacious cargo space and a gracious ride. Something unique about Kia is that it offers a lengthy warranty for its new vehicles. The biggest rivals of Kia are Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.

Kia manufactures cars that center on value, but in recent years, they have shifted their focus to improve their vehicles’ style, accessories, and performance. The end result is vehicles that exude luxury and have incredible driving experience.

Contrary to most automakers, Kia does not release new model years at a specific time, and so information on any alteration to some 2021 models might not be available. That said, for the 2020 improvements, Kia has five models in the crossover/SUV section. The latest Kia models in our inventory fall in many categories for different kinds of drivers.

So, what are the latest Kia models for sale at ALM KIA south new vehicles?

  • First, there is the new K5 midsize sedan, which has replaced the Optima.
  • There is also the new small Seltos crossover, and Kia has also redone the variant of the Sorento three-row SUV.
  • Another competitive Kia 2021 model is the unique Kia Soul. Kia also caters to drivers who need a small but active SUV with their Kia Niro. You can get both of these models as hybrid or electric-powered engines.

Kia’s new models are emerging as highly competitive vehicles in today’s market, and we have all these exciting new vehicles in our ALM KIA South inventory. So come check them out today!