Nissan is among one of the most reputable and oldest Japanese brands known across Australia. It offers a wide variety of vehicle lineup from smaller coupes to larger SUVs. Nissans have one of the most finely engineered engines in the car market, that are often modified heavily by enthusiasts to get huge power and torque gains. These engines are mostly well built and are reliable enough that they can withstand the additional stresses due to power mods such as a big turbocharger. Continue reading the article, to find the right Nissan Parts that you should replace to get the most power out of your Nissan.

If you want to increase the power of your Nissan without strapping on a turbo, you still have a few Nissan parts that can be upgraded to get you more power. Stock Nissan Exhausts are designed to be constrictive in nature to match with newer noise and particulate regulation. Swapping it out with a nice straight piped exhaust can help breath your Nissan freely, and with the right tune it can result in 5-10% gains in power. You can also reduce the inertial load on your engine by installing a lighter crankshaft, it can noticeably improve increase the engine’s throttle response.

If your Nissan has a bigger engine such as the 4.2L I6 as in the Patrol, swapping out the stock Nissan Parts such as the intake and the fuel pump with a cold air intake and a high-pressure fuel pump can help the car inhale more freely, and would sufficiently increase the power output. You can also replace the stock Nissan parts such as the camshaft and valves to push more air into and out of the cylinder per engine revolution. Some aftermarket cams shafts also allow your engine to go to higher than stock RPMs.  All hardware swaps that tend to increase the car’s HP, do require a professional ECU tune as well to drive it properly. As the stock ECU is well optimized for the original Nissan parts so it requires some iterative software tinkering to match the ECU well with the aftermarket parts.

One of the easiest way to get more juice out of your Nissan engine is by strapping on a Turbo on it. Adding a turbo on a stock vehicle might require you to replace some stock Nissan parts such as the connecting rods, or the head with a stronger one depending on the size of the turbo. Other Nissan Parts such as the fuel pump also require replacement when installing a turbo installation to help burn more fuel with the added air.

Finally taking good care of your car with periodic maintenance would also help you keep those ponies stay in your engine for a longer period of time. This includes on-time oil and oil filter changes along with air filter replacement. Timely replacement of any part that has failed or is on the verge of failing must be done to save the rest of the engine. You can often be quoted with exorbitant rates for replacement of stock Nissan parts from the dealership, but don’t worry as you can most of the time you can get quality used parts online for fair prices. Nissan parts from wreckers and are generally scavenged from an accident or wrecked vehicles but still work perfectly, great way to save money.