As fuel prices keep rising, everyone is on the look for ways of cutting costs. If you’ve been driving, you know that the only thing that digs more into your pockets is filling gas every time. There are more alternatives to saving on gas, like buying cheaper fuel.

When you decide to rent a car at Alicante Airport, you want to ensure you save fuel and visit as many places as you can. Here are some fuel-saving tips to help you:

1. Slow down when you can

The recommended speed limit on the road for most vehicles is 80mph. However, according to AA, when you slow down your car from 80mph to 70mph, you are able to save up to 25% of the fuel. So, when you are thinking of driving at high speed on a highway, you should slow down when you can and save some fuel.

2. Take your car for regular maintenance 

If you want your car to run efficiently, you should ensure it has the right proportion of air and fuel. In most cases, a well-maintained vehicle will always run at its best and save a lot on fuel.

Therefore, you should check the manufacturer handbook and know when is the right time to change the engine oil and do other services.

3. Keep all tires inflated 

You should keep all the car tires inflated to the ideal pressure if you want to save on fuel. When you are driving on under-inflated tires, you are likely to decrease the mileage and spend a lot on fuel. Therefore, before taking that long trip, you should ensure all the tires are inflated to the required PSI. Always measure the pressure on the tires when it’s cold.

4. Combine all short trips 

Another way of saving on fuel is by combining all the short trips you take into one trip. You should combine all the short errands like going to the supermarket, dropping the letter, and visiting the bank to one single trip. Warm engines spend less fuel compared to cold ones.

5. Avoid excessive idling

Car idling consumes a lot of gas. Whether you are stuck in a jam or you are parking your car, you should switch off the car engine and save some fuel. Car idling also results in the air population and should be discouraged by all means. Always switch off your car when the vehicle is not in use and start it again when you want to drive.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can save on fuel when you are driving. When driving at high speed, you should not use lower gears because it burns a lot of fuel. Always pay attention to the RPMs when you accelerate and change to a higher gear as soon as you can when you are on a manual transmission.

Ensure you reduce drag when driving at high speeds if you want to save gas. Apply these tips and cut your gas bills on the roads.