Have you been looking to buy a used car? While it’s not always easy to find the perfect place to buy a second-hand vehicle, there are several options you may want to consider – and approaching a dealer is one of the most common.

However, things aren’t always quite as straightforward as they seem on the surface, which is where our experts can help. As such, today, we’ve outlined ten of the biggest secrets dealers don’t want you to know when buying a used car!

10 Secrets Dealers Don’t Want You To Know

Looking to buy a used car from a dealer? You’d be in good company – but there are several key secrets you should know first to make sure you don’t get caught out.

#1 Used Cars Are the Money-Makers

Given their massive price tags, it’s easy to assume that new cars are where dealers make the most money. In reality, this often isn’t the case – so if they encouraged you to buy a used car in the first place, make sure you do a vehicle check first to ensure it’s a genuine purchase.

#2 The Price May Not be Great

Just because a dealer sells vehicles commercially doesn’t mean you’re getting a great price. In fact, in many cases, dealers may up the ante regarding the price – or otherwise include terms in any offers you don’t initially realise. Always check the small print!

#3 Haggling is Allowed!

Many people assume that the price is set when they buy from a dealer. However, while this may be the impression you get – after all, you can’t usually haggle in a shop – dealers tend to work a little differently, and many may be willing to accept an offer.

#4 Sticker Prices Aren’t Everything

If you’re already balking at the price on the sticker for a car, there’s even worse news: this doesn’t usually include additional fees! Ouch.

#5 You May be Upsold

Ever heard of upselling? It’s when you’ve sold more than you necessarily need – and some dealers are very good at this. So, if a dealer starts telling you that your choice of vehicle may not be right for what you need, be sure to scrutinise their explanation to make sure they’re being genuine and not just trying to make you pay more than you need to.

#6 Don’t Settle for Delays

If the dealer delays discussions, don’t wait for ages. Some dealers actually use this to add pressure, so you’re more likely to rush into a sale.

#7 Look Out for Incentives

Before you head to visit the dealer, try to check for any incentives first. These can be potentially valuable, and you wouldn’t want to miss out just because it wasn’t offered on the day.

#8 Hidden Costs are Common

Always check every cost with the dealer before you agree to purchase a vehicle. Often, the hidden costs can add up a lot when it comes to a purchase, making a seemingly great-value deal much less appealing. For example, a car history check will reveal the insurance group, helping you determine the extra costs involved with insuring the vehicle.

#9 End-of-Year Sales Can Be Best

If you’re looking to get a deal, it may be worth buying at the end of the year. Often, this will be the best time for dealers to sell, as they want to move the vehicle before the end-of-year figures kick in.

#10 Loan Terms May Not Be the Same

Don’t just settle for the first loan you’re offered. In many cases, these may not be the best deals!

Final Thoughts

Don’t get caught out with your used car purchase! While dealers can be a great place to start your search, keeping today’s secrets in mind may help you get the best possible price (or model) for your needs.